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Dr.  Gordon (Barry) Neavill, Professor of Library Science at Wayne State University has provided a lot of great information over the years in response to Modern Library Mailing List questions, comments, and discussions.  Most of that information has been interwoven throughout ModernLib in appropriate sections. Some information, however, while obviously important, doesn't seem to fit anyplace. Listed below is some of that information drawn from his many mailing list posts.  Text inside brackets, {...text...}, is relevant material from other mailing list members.  (Click here for information on joining the Modern Library Mailing List.)


Did the Modern Library really stop publishing in 1970?

Market Data on ML Paperback Printings 1958 - 1960

Balloon Cloth Bindings

Mencken & Dreiser As Pranksters

Determining ML Paperback Firsts

Some Best Selling ML titles

ML Books As Premiums

Illustrated MLs in Regular Bindings

DJ Colors Can Be Significant

Entire Printings Not All Bound

Liveright-to-Cerf Transition Stock

Ghost Illustrateds

Jackets & Books Not Necessarily Printed Together

ML College Editions

Letterpress-to-Offset Transition