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Here are some shots of our Laurelhurst neighborhood in Portland Oregon. They were all taken in the dead of Winter (Christmas-New Year's week, 12/27/98 - 12/31/98), mostly in the rain. They were also the very first photographs taken with a brand-new fully automatic "Oh Sir, You Have Excellent Taste" camera.

Nothing fancy here, just your basic outside-the-house snapshots. To see a larger image, click the thumbsize photos you see here.

The Neighborhood


 Approach to the house
from the nearest corner

In front of the house,
looking right

In front of the house,
looking left

 Straight across the street
from the front door

The House




A view

Another view

Yet another creative label

Driveway Views



 You drive in...

 ...you back out.

The Guardian


And we have the most interesting adjunct to the alarm system.

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