Kamins Computer-Related Pieces

On-Line Information & Help Systems (partial sampling)


Apple Learning Series K-6 and Secondary Web Publishing Series Step Cards (Apple Computer)

Apple Mac OS 8.5 Help System (Design Team Member, content, Apple Computer)

Apple Mac OS 8.1 Help System (Design Team Member, Apple Computer)

Apple Mac OS 8.0 Guide content (Apple Computer)

Apple Web Page Construction Kit (instructional Web site author, Apple Computer)

Cyberdog Guide (Apple Computer Inc)

Apple Internet Connection Kit Guide (Apple Computer Inc)

HyperCard 2.3 Tutorial Guide (Apple Computer Inc)

Macintosh DOS Compatibility Card On-line Guide (Apple Computer)

HyperCard 2. 2 Help Stack, Reference Stack, New Features Stack (Apple Computer)

eShop On-Line Help (Ink Development Corp)



Inkware Notetaker for Pen Windows On-Line Help (Ink Development Corp)


Digital Universe Steward Guide V 2.x (ManyOne) in standard HTML and wiki formats


HyperTalk 2.2 The Book (Random House, with Dan Winkler & Jeanne DeVoto)

HyperTalk 2.0 The Book (Bantam Doubleday Dell, with Dan Winkler)

Introduction to Macintosh BASIC (Hayden)

Applesoft BASIC Programmer's Reference Manual (Apple & Addison Wesley)

Apple Backpack: Humanized Programming in BASIC (McGraw-Hill,, with Mitch Waite)

Manuals (partial sampling)


Apple Internet Connection Kit Getting Started (Apple Computer)

HyperCard 2.3 Color Update Manual (Apple Computer)

Macintosh Fonts Appendix (Apple Computer)

Macintosh DOS Compatibility Card User's Guide (Apple Computer)

Macintosh PC Exchange User's Guide (Apple Computer)

HyperCard 2.2 Reference Manual (Apple Computer)

PowerTalk User's Guide (Apple Computer)

HyperCard New Features Guide (Claris Corporation)

HyperCard Basics (Apple & Claris Corporation)

HyperCard User's Guide (Apple Computer)


Apple II

A Touch of Applesoft BASIC (Apple Computer)

Macintosh 512Ke User's Guide (Apple Computer



Family Tree Maker Tutorial (Banner Blue Software)

FIDO V12 BBS/Packet Mail System User's Guide (FIDO Software)

Q&A User's Guide (Symantec Corp)


Computer Visions (South-Western / Arnowitz Productions)