With My Thanks

Biggest thanks goes to Big Ed Cosentino, webmaster of San Francisco's famous The Array. He taught and praised and passed the beer and pizza. He also let me steal these photos. What a guy!

The Edmeister

A deep debt to Geoffrey Sawyer who suggested the name "Dogeared" for this domain, our original name for ten years. Good name, Geoffrey. And a renewed debt to Neal Fenty for suggesting the new domain name, ModernLib. (Thanks, Neil! Wotta guy!!!)

Geoffry Sawyer

General thanks to the late Wally Lab, the Dogeared one himself.

Wally Lab

Might as well give myself a bit of credit, while I'm at it.

C'est moi

A tip of the hat to Ed Kammerer, current of Portland OR environs, who, when I told him in 1973 or so that computers would mean the end of culture, just smiled and looked down.

Gratitude to AB Bookman Weekly for permission to quote their terms for describing book conditions.

And finally, thanks to my mother, Elsie Kamins, without whom I would not have been possible.

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By this merit, may all obtain omniscience.