Notes on Spring 1927 Brochure:

This brochure announces new ML titles for February 1927, and details publishing plans through August. Five new titles (with pictures of the author) are listed as published simultaneously on February 15th, 1927, replacing 5 books dropped from the series. Along with these, 7 others were scheduled for publication, one each month through August.

The brochure advertises a promotion whereby readers could obtain all 12 new titles for $10.00. All of the existing titles are also listed with an offer to obtain any five titles "handsomely boxed" for $4.75.

Bound in stapled wraps, the catalog measures approximately 6 X 9 inches and contains 12 pages including covers. 126 titles named in The Modern Library at the time.

Contributors to this note include:

Sharon Biederman

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