Contributing to ModernLib

A List of Ongoing Projects Wherein
You Can Help Your Fellow Collectors

~    Obtain Immortality & The Thanks of Thousands    ~

Been wanting to pay back ModernLib for all the valuable help you've received but don't feel you have what it takes? If you can type, surf the Web, or write a check, you can help! ModernLib has many ongoing projects to which you can lend a hand, Here are a few of them:

Dust Jacket Images: Our DJ database is the heart of ModernLib. Many collectors use the dust jackets to see what's missing from their collections or to decide on what areas to focus. The images also form the platform to which other information is attached. No one knows how many dust jacket variations there are, but it's a cinch we don't have them all. You can scan images in from your own collection, or you can alert the ModernLib editor if you see a missing image elsewhere on the Internet. If you're a registered ModernLib member, click here to see a table of dust jackets likely to be missing from the database.

Format: Contributed images should be in JPEG format and be in the range 150-300 DPI.

Book Notes: Book notes contain information, gossip, or trivia about a title. It could be first edition points, sales figures, notes about its printing history, something about the author's relationship to the Modern Library company, and so on. If you know something about a modern library title that collectors would find interesting, please send it in. Be sure to quote the source of your information.

Format: Plain text in the body of an e-mail message is fine.

"Adopt an Author" program: Reserved for ModernLib members, you—or a school-aged family member needing to develop Internet searching/research skills—pick one or more authors in the ModernLib ML lineup and keep the links/images on that page healthy and up to date. As that author's Guardian, your name appears at the bottom of the author's page just above the ML Home icon. Details here.

Commitment: Need to click all links at least once a month to make sure they're alive, go to the same place they used to, continue to be appropriate, and contain information helpful to ML collectors and readers. Other duties as listed.

E-mail proposals for content contributions to the Managing Editor.