The Great
Gulliver Debate

Matt Jenkins acquired a copy of 100.2, Gulliver's Travels, which has a #8 style jacket on a flex book.  One MLer claimed the jacket looked trimmed to fit the #7 style binding.   Another felt that the jacket was #7 size.  Below are comparisons between Matt's copy and some off-the-shelf ML books and jackets.

Gulliver with 334 titlesMatt's Gulliver

Standard #8 type g jacket with 271 titlesMatt's type g with 271 titles

Standard #8 jacket inverse with 271 titlesMatt's Gulliver inverse with 271 titles

Standard #7 book next to #8 type g jacketStandard #7 book on 271 title jacket inverse

Standard #8 type g next to standard #7 type g; circle is 2 3/16" on #8 jacket, 2" on #7 jacket