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Collector Page for Mark Braley
Member since 1/3/2006

Location:  Richmond, Virginia

Collector Since:  2000

Collection Properties


Types of ML Books Collected

Regular, with DJ (501)

Regular, no DJ (7)

Giant, with DJ (25)

Illustrated/Boxed (3)

Illustrated/Acetate (8)

Other Post 1970 (23)


Types of Bindings in Collection




Total Titles in Collection: 567  

 Other Collection Categories and Attributes: DJ Only

Comments on the Collection

I have been collecting books for most of my adult life, but didn't start focusing on ML until about five years ago. I thoroughly enjoy the hunt and am now educating myself on Everyman's, which I have recently begun collecting. Probably half of my MLs are 1st editions and I am always looking to upgrade the collection. I recently changed my focus to flex covers with pictorial DJs from the 30s. My collection was getting too large so I sell #8 and later bindings as I replace with flex copies. I think they are the most beautiful in the entire series. I am especially covetous of the gift sets and would appreciate anyone contacting me with information on obtaining them.


Collection Images
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On the More Personal Side...


Favorite ML Titles

Disliked ML Titles

Barchester Towers

Fathers and Sons

Anna Karenina

Wings of The Dove

Farewell To Arms


Favorite Dust Jacket: Sanctuary (30s pictorial) and Power (30s pictorial

ML Title Currently Reading: None

Last ML Title Read: HIgh Wind In Jamaica

Personal Comments

Personal Image
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