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Collector Page for Bryan Tinkle
Member since 7/25/2014

Location:  Chattanooga, Tennessee

Collector Since:  2000

Collection Properties


Types of ML Books Collected

Regular, with DJ (64)

Regular, no DJ (170)

Giant, with DJ (15)

Giant, no DJ (37)

Buckram (1)

Illustrated/Acetate (1)

Woodcuts (19)

Other Post 1970 (84)




Types of Bindings in Collection

#4 - 1

#5 - 1

#6 - 1

#7 - 2

#8 - 190

#9 - 4

#10 - 7

#11 - 23

#12 - 1

#13 - 4

#15 - 12

#16 - 19

#17 - 54

G3 - 4

G4 - 2

G5 - 37

G6 - 7

G7 - 3

Total Titles in Collection: 391  

 Other Collection Categories and Attributes: Collect by Binding

Comments on the Collection

My first ML hardcover was Plato's Republic. I just liked the look of it on my shelf. My second was a ML Chronicle book by Karen Armstrong since I read everything she's written. I actually started gathering the Chronicle books before collecting the classic series. I collect mainly regular 8s and giant 5s, however I will pick up other bindings if I have not been able to find an 8 or if the title was not published in an 8. As a general rule, I will pick 8+ titles that were not available in earlier bindings. My original collection did not include dust jackets, since I liked the uniform look of the bindings. I have since opted for djs where available. Mostly I keep a limit on what I will spend on a book; with some exceptions I will cap at $5 for classic bindings. I'll go up some on binding 17s that are in good shape and that are titles I would want in my library. Eventually I'd like a representation of every binding style in my collection. Shout out to Mckay books in Knoxville, Chattanooga and Nashville as my primary source of these books.


Collection Images
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On the More Personal Side...


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Personal Comments

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