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Collector Page for Benjamin Clark
Member since 11/2/2005

Location:  Montana

Collector Since:  2004

Collection Properties


Types of ML Books Collected

Regular, with DJ (35)

Regular, no DJ (43)

Giant, with DJ (13)

Giant, no DJ (7)

P-Numbered Paperback (5)

Buckram (10)

Illustrated/Boxed (1)


Illustrated/No Cover (1)

College Edition (3)

Woodcuts (4)

Other Post 1970 (3)



Types of Bindings in Collection

#1 - 1

#2 - 4

#3 - 1

#4 - 4

#5 - 3

#6 - 3

#7 - 9

#8 - 53

#9 - 1

#10 - 2

#11 - 3

#14 - 3

#17 - 1

G2 - 2

G3 - 3

G4 - 3

G5 - 9

G8 - 2

G9 - 1

Total Titles in Collection: 125  

 Other Collection Categories and Attributes: Catalogs/Brochures; Collect by Binding

Comments on the Collection

I'm still working on a collection focus. I keep thinking 1sts only in DJ VG/VG would be fun, but I get impatient and wind up with either VG/None firsts or VG/VG non-firsts. *Shrug*. I do a lot of "collect and release" and don't feel compelled to own every title all at once. I would like to have owned them all, at one time or another. Like most people, I am trying to get at least one copy of all B&L titles in vg or better B&L bindings. I'm not going to hold my breath for B&L dust jackets, or even VG 1sts. I also like having "representatives" of different variations and oddities in my collection, like buckrams, pirates, British, ephemera etc. I especially like buckrams with clean spines. One of my coolest finds was the Scribner's book for $15 at Larry McMurtry's Booked Up in Archer City, TX. But I also love the matchbook covers I got out of a mixed bag lot of matchbook covers on ebay. I was just browsing and voila, there they were. They're in rough shape, but no one else seems to have these exact ones.


Collection Images
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My only BL dj is a small blurb piece glued into a copy of Pepys' Diary.

A nice British find. The dust jacket is, of course, long gone and the spine is faded. It's a #7 spine, and otherwise an unremarkable copy. No catalog at the back to date it exactly. I currently have 6 British imprint titles. One in dust jacket (Jane Eyre), which is posted on Mondernlib.com.

Found two 1945 matchbook covers. Terrible shape... still looking for the feature book(s) that may be out there. How many different matchbooks are out there? How many different matchbooks did RH make? There is at least a 10 year gap between these and the others usually seen on ebay and on modernlib.com


On the More Personal Side...


Favorite ML Titles

Disliked ML Titles

Selected Stories by Wodehouse

Madame Chrysantheme by Loti

Moon and Sixpence


Farewell to Arms

The Enormous Room


Favorite Dust Jacket: All woodcuts: early '30s and '80s.

Last ML Title Read: The Enormous Room

How Many Modern Library books have I read?: 9999

Personal Comments

I've really enjoyed collecting, reading Modern Library books, and contributing to ModernLib/Dogeared and look forward to contributing what I can here as well! I've just finished reading At Random by Cerf and Dear Donald, Dear Bennett. Both were great. I also recently picked up a thin little book published after Klopfer's death about him. Off the top of my head, it seemed like a small number where printed, but it's a very nice little book.

Personal Image
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