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Collector Page for Isaac Kagan
Member since 12/22/2005

Location:  Oceanside, New York

Collector Since:  2005

Collection Properties


Types of ML Books Collected

Regular, with DJ (18)

Regular, no DJ (27)

Giant, with DJ (6)

Giant, no DJ (4)

P-Numbered Paperback (1)

College Edition (1)


Types of Bindings in Collection




Total Titles in Collection: 57  


Comments on the Collection

Always a reader and a collector by default, i realized that i had a few of the Modern Library series on my shelf. Now i look for them as well as SF, Westerns and Mystery. I do not have a theme or a focus yet, i just collect what i like. I do try to get the nicest copies that i can.


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Some of my books and me.




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