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Collector Page for Terry Morris
Member since 11/2/2005

Location:  Syracuse, New York

Collector Since:  1990

Collection Properties


Types of ML Books Collected

Regular, with DJ (373)

Giant, with DJ (49)

Buckram (7)

Illustrated/Boxed (8)

Illustrated/Acetate (1)

Illustrated/No Cover (2)

Other Post 1970 (43)


Types of Bindings in Collection





Total Titles in Collection: 483  

 Other Collection Categories and Attributes: Catalogs/Brochures; DJ Only; Collect by Binding

Comments on the Collection

While ripping through a neighborhood garage sale I stumbled across (I know this sounds staged) a lone house. No one else on that block was participating. “Do you have any books?” “Sure go on upstairs- third floor there is a table of books there.” There was a table of flexie and other bindings, I of course had no idea what was sitting in front of me. I just bought a Moby Dick, Sanctuary, and Inferno – 8 bucks each, all flexies. I left others flexies there. It turned out the owner of the house was a book dealer. I thought these books were kind of cool and the titles were interesting. It wasn’t until a few years later that a friend of mine explained what the modern library was and more importantly – for me anyway – how and who started it. I, of course, have a soft spot in my heart for historical, raging, womanizing, alcoholics. I’m not from a historical, raging, womanizing, alcoholic family. Nor am I historical, raging, womanizing, or an alcoholic. Anyway a blink of an eye and its 16 years later and I have amassed a large enough collection so that whenever I bring a new one into the house my wife says – “Your not binging more books in here are you?” Collecting ML’s has been a fun time and now that we have a our first child I look forward to passing the obsession onto her.


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On the More Personal Side...


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