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Collector Page for Ron Holl
Member since 9/28/2005

Location:  Chardon, Ohio

Collector Since:  2004

Collection Properties


Types of ML Books Collected

Regular, with DJ (516)

Regular, no DJ (3)

Giant, with DJ (82)

Giant, no DJ (1)

P-Numbered Paperback (70)

Buckram (2)

Illustrated/Boxed (14)

Illustrated/Acetate (1)

College Edition (5)

Woodcuts (16)

Other Post 1970 (50)




Types of Bindings in Collection

#2 - 1

#3 - 2

#4 - 3

#5 - 9

#6 - 4

#7 - 78

#8 - 296

#9 - 5

#10 - 9

#11 - 56

#12 - 11

#13 - 18

#14 - 21

#16 - 8

#17 - 5

G3 - 3

G4 - 7

G5 - 37

G6 - 16

G7 - 19

G8 - 2

G9 - 7

G10 - 2

Total Titles in Collection: 760  

 Other Collection Categories and Attributes: Catalogs/Brochures; DJ Only

Comments on the Collection

How I started: I was looking for a nice copy of Six Plays by Kaufman and Hart. I found and bought a beautiful copy with DJ for $2. While reading it I noticed a bunch of numbered titles on the inside of the dust jacket. Research on the "Modern Library" took me to John Krygier's site first, which then took me to Dogeared. I was hooked. A couple months later, I discovered that I had bought an ML 20 years earlier (Poe, 40.1) in a G8 binding! So, did I really start collecting in the 1980's?

I collect most types of ML books between 1917-1970, with DJ where applicable. I like the P-Numbered paperbacks, and have now acquired a complete set (all 68, plus 2 color variants). The covers are interesting, and this is the only pre-1970 area to have any math/science titles. I am also attempting to get a complete set of the Boxed Illustrated (all 15).

Recently, I have been acquiring post 1970 and MLCE editions of titles not in the classical period (for example T91 Later Plays of O'Neill and Wells/Island of Dr. Moreau).


Collection Images
(Click on image for full size)
The collection, circa 2006

My first B&L, with dust jacket.

Some of my more valuable MLs. All of these are first editions.


On the More Personal Side...


Favorite ML Titles

Disliked ML Titles

Pickwick Papers

Lord Jim

Zuleika Dobson

Daring Young Man on the Flying Trapeze

A Treasury of Damon Runyon

Don Quixote

Collected Short Stories of Ring Lardner

Six Plays by Kaufman and Hart


ML Title Currently Reading: Bleak House

Last ML Title Read: Andrew Jones

How Many Modern Library books have I read?: 125

Personal Comments

In addition to ML titles, I am also currently reading the Jeeves series by P. G. Wodehouse.

Personal Image
(Click on image for full size)
My wife and I with two of our kids during their elementary school graduation.



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