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Collector Page for Toby Levy
Member since 11/2/2005

Location:  Utica, New York

Collector Since:  1978

Collection Properties


Types of ML Books Collected

Regular, with DJ (176)

Regular, no DJ (345)

Giant, with DJ (32)

Giant, no DJ (44)

Illustrated/Boxed (3)

Illustrated/Acetate (1)

Illustrated/No Cover (9)

Other Post 1970 (14)


Types of Bindings in Collection

#1 - 22

#2 - 46

#3 - 14

#4 - 66

#5 - 33

#6 - 17

#7 - 102


Total Titles in Collection: 624  


Comments on the Collection

I now have all the flex titles published, but many are in S8 and later bindings. I only need the Fineman book to have all the MLs published through 1939!


Collection Images
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On the More Personal Side...


Favorite ML Titles

Disliked ML Titles

Pynchon - V

Nietsche - Thus Spake Zarathustra

Kafka - The Castle

Nietsche - Beyond Good and Evil

Daudet - Sapho

Nietsche - Geneology of Morals

Lawrence - The Rainbow

Stirner - Ego and His Own

Turgenev - Fathers and Sons

Meredith - Ordeal of Richard Feverel


ML Title Currently Reading: Anthology of American Negro Literature

Last ML Title Read: Goodbye Columbus by Roth

How Many Modern Library books have I read?: 194

Personal Comments

I've read close to 200 of the Modern Library books and only rated 18 "poor" and 32 "fair." That's a great percentage of good reading by my account. I am reading many of them in the order in which the ML published them. I have read my way through 1928 and have four left to go from 1929. Next up: Peter Whiffle by Carl Van Vechten. But I also read others outside the chron. And the next one outside the chron will be Traven's Treasure of Sierra Madre.

Personal Image
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Collecting is a disease!



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