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1982 Moby Dick in a G8 Binding

While cataloging her ML's, Madaline Reddy discovered a copy of Moby Dick with a G8 binding, but a 1982 indication on the title page.  After posting to the ModLib ListServ John Wolansky indicated that he, too, had a copy of this.  John's comments on this edition of Moby Dick:

"What is unusual, in my opinion, is the jacket is a replication of the original Random House Moby Dick from the 1930's and that the cover illustration is reproduced on the back of the jacket.  The only other ML I can think of with this is the early 1980's Huck Finn."

Images of the dust jacket front and spine, from the John Wolansky Modern Library Collection, are shown below.

The binding of the book (front cover), as shown in the image below from the Madaline Reddy Modern Library Collection, is indeed a G8.



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