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Modern Library Book Sale

Proceeds of this book sale go toward maintaining the ModernLib website.

There is quite a variety of books to choose from. You'll find a wide selection of regular, giant, buckram, illustrated, woodcut, PBW, and 1990-2000 types. All regular bindings (1 - 14) are represented, and many have dust jackets.  Images are provided for most listings; if you don't see an image or you need additional images and/or information, just send a request

To make a request for one or more books, send a message to ron@scribblemonger.com with a list of item numbers. (Each item has an associated item number, displayed on this page and the individual book page.) Please read both the terms and conditions and the shipping information before you make a purchase.

In the listings an asterisk (*) after a title name means the book has a dust jacket, and 1st after a title name means the book is a first edition. Within a listing description PON means "Previous Owner Name."

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Item #T#TitleAuthorPrice
205271.1Absalom, Absalom*Faulkner, William$6
207271.1Absalom, Absalom*Faulkner, William$7
209271.1Absalom, Absalom*Faulkner, William$7
186206.2Adventures of Sherlock HolmesDoyle, Sir Arthur Conan$1
801229.1Age of Innocence*Wharton, Edith$7
985229.1Age of Innocence (Jacket Only)Wharton, Edith$2
92079.1Alice in Wonderland etc*Carroll, Lewis$14
787170.2All the King's MenWarren, Robert Penn$1
772105.1Ancient ManVan Loon, Hendrick Willem$3
773105.1Ancient ManVan Loon, Hendrick Willem$1
774105.1Ancient ManVan Loon, Hendrick Willem$1
501163.2Anthology of American Negro LiteratureMisc$5
888G054.1Anthology of Famous British Stories (Giant)Misc$2
347209.1Antic HayHuxley, Aldous$1
439077.2Aphrodite*Louys, Pierre$4
426042.2aArrowsmithLewis, Sinclair$1
98003.2AutobiographyCellini, Benvenuto$1
101150.3Autobiography*Cellini, Benvenuto$6
102150.3Autobiography*Cellini, Benvenuto$6
258039.4Autobiography*Franklin, Benjamin$6
1025150.3Autobiography*Cellini, Benvenuto$6
97003.2Autobiography (Keratol binding)Cellini, Benvenuto$12
427162.2BabbittLewis, Sinclair$1
114272.1Basic Works of Cicero*Cicero$5
506087.1Best American Humorous Short StoriesMisc$3
851G051.1Best Known Novels (Giant)1stEliot, George$3
109171.2Best Plays*Chekhov, Anton$9
303250.1Best Short Stories*Harte, Bret$6
317004.3Best Short StoriesHenry, O$1
477098.4Best Stories*Maupassant$3
478098.4Best Stories*Maupassant$5
1002098.4Best Stories*Maupassant$6
1032098.4Best Stories*Maupassant$8
75025.2Beyond LifeCabel, James Branch$1
76025.2Beyond LifeCabel, James Branch$2
1023016.4Bostonians*James, Henry$6
175151.2Brothers Karamazov*Dostoevsky, Fyodor$7
970IllustBrothers Karamazov (Illustrated)Dostoyevsky$5
992151.1Brothers Karamazov (Jacket Only)Dostoevsky, Fyodor$1
450057.3BudenbrooksMann, Thomas$1
467270.1Cakes and Ale*Maugham, W. Somerset$8
194069.2Camille*Dumas, Alexander$6
783047.3Candide and Other Writings*Voltaire$6
784047.3Candide and Other Writings*Voltaire$7
106161.2Canterbury Tales*Chaucer, Geoffrey$8
459202.1Capital and Other Writings*Marx, Karl$9
461202.1Capital and Other Writings*Marx, Karl$8
463202.1Capital and Other Writings*Marx, Karl$9
429221.2Cass Timberlane*Lewis, Sinclair$8
668090.2Catcher in the Rye*Salinger, J. D.$28
1045032.4Civilization of the Renaissance in Italy*Burckhardt, Jacob$7
650010.3Clarissa1st*Richardson, Samuel$12
643062.2Cloister and the HearthReade, Charles$2
604237.1Collected Poetry*Parker, Dorothy$7
417211.2Collected Short Stories*Lardner, Ring$6
603123.4Collected Stories*Parker, Dorothy$7
937G022.1Coming Struggle for Power (Giant)*Strachey, John$15
923G040.1Comp/Tales/Poem (Giant)*Poe, Edgar Allan$4
1011311.1Complete Greek Tragedies Volume 1st*Aeschylus$8
708313.1Complete Greek Tragedies Volume 4*Sophocles$6
863G037.1Complete Novels (Giant)*Hawthorne, Nathaniel$5
861G025.1Complete Plays (Giant)Gilbert & Sullivan$2
744038.1Complete PoemsThompson, Francis$1
745038.1Complete Poetical WorksThompson, Francis$1
747038.1Complete Poetical WorksThompson, Francis$1
328225.2Complete PoetryHoffenstein, Samuel$1
847G070.1Complete Poetry (Giant)Donne/Blake$2
167012.3Complete Poetry and Selected ProseDonne, John$2
168012.3Complete Poetry and Selected Prose*Donne, John$8
334141.2Complete Works*Horace$6
336141.2Complete Works*Horace$5
866G019.1Complete Works (Giant)*Homer$8
753058.3'Complete Writings*Thucydides$9
513101.3Comprehensive Anthology of American PoetryMisc$2
571016.1Confessions of a Young ManMoore, George$10
451360.1Confessions of Felix KrullMann, Thomas$2
1049360.1Confessions of Felix Krull*Mann, Thomas$8
658243.1Confessions of Jean Jacque Rousseau*Rousseau, Jean Jacques$7
925G029.1Conquest of Mexico and Peru (Giant)*Prescott, William$10
958ISBNCount of Monte Christo (ISBN)*Dumas, Alexander$3
268327.1Counterfeiters & Journal*Gide, Andre$5
1016327.1Counterfeiters & Journal*Gide, Andre$5
1017327.1Counterfeiters & Journal*Gide, Andre$6
1018327.1Counterfeiters & Journal*Gide, Andre$7
29299.1Cousin Bette*Balzac, Honore de$8
77126.1Cream of the JestCabel, James Branch$1
48231.1Creative Evolution*Bergson, Henri$6
655154.1Cyrano de Bergerac*Rostand,Edmond$6
860G006.1Decline/Fall Vol 1 of 2 (Giant)*Gibbon, Edward$11
856G006.2Decline/Fall Vol 1 of 3 (Giant)*Gibbon, Edward$8
88200.2Deepening StreamCanfield, Dorothy$2
488014.1Diana of the CrosswaysMeredith, George$5
489014.1Diana of the CrosswaysMeredith, George$5
490014.1Diana of the Crossways*Meredith, George$8
961ISBNDiary of a Young Girl (ISBN)*Frank, Anne$5
1042046.2Disraeli*Maurois, Andre$5
1043046.2Disraeli*Maurois, Andre$3
145208.2Divine Comedy*Dante, Alighieri$6
453365.1Doctor Faustus*Mann, Thomas$8
432252.1Dodsworth*Lewis, Sinclair$6
433252.1Dodsworth*Lewis, Sinclair$7
353006.1Doll's House/Ghosts/EnemyIbsen, Henrik$1
354006.1Doll's House/Ghosts/EnemyIbsen, Henrik$2
355006.1Doll's House/Ghosts/EnemyIbsen, Henrik$1
30193.1Droll StoriesBalzac, Honore de$4
1076.2Education of Henry Adams*Adams, Henry$4
2076.2Education of Henry Adams*Adams, Henry$5
4076.2Education of Henry Adams*Adams, Henry$4
5076.2Education of Henry AdamsAdams, Henry$1
514094.2Eight Famous Elizabethan Plays *Misc$5
100894.2Eight Famous Elizabethan Plays*Misc$5
561078.3Eight Plays by Moliere*Moliere$6
562078.3Eight Plays by Moliere*Moliere$5
564078.3Eight Plays by Moliere*Moliere$5
1012078.3Eight Plays by Moliere*Moliere$5
871G018.2Eleven Plays (Giant)*Ibsen, Henrik$13
587146.1Emperor Jones, The StrawO'Neill, Eugene$3
589146.2Emperor Jones/Anna C/Hairy Ape*O'Neill, Eugene$3
590146.2Emperor Jones/Anna C/Hairy Ape*O'Neill, Eugene$5
592146.2Emperor Jones/Anna C/Hairy Ape*O'Neill, Eugene$4
593146.2Emperor Jones/Anna C/Hairy Ape*O'Neill, Eugene$5
1040146.2Emperor Jones/Anna C/Hairy Ape*O'Neill, Eugene$6
64136.2Erewhon and Erewhon RevisitedButler,Samuel$2
65136.2Erewhon and Erewhon Revisited*Butler,Samuel$5
973IllustEssays of Ralph Waldo Emerson (Illustrated)*Emerson$10
764251.1Eustace DiamondsTrollope, Anthony$2
1019251.1Eustace Diamonds*Trollope, Anthony$10
211368.1Fable1stFaulkner, William$2
767021.2Fathers and Sons*Turgenev, Ivan$3
277177.1Faust*Goethe, Johann Wolfgang von$2
518030.3Five Great Modern Irish Plays*Misc$8
519030.3Five Great Modern Irish Plays*Misc$4
1035284.1Flowering Judas*Porter, Katherine Anne$7
980088.4Flowering Judas1stPorter, Katherine Anne$2
629284.1Flowering Judas*Porter, Katherine Anne$7
786178.1Fortitude*Walpole, Hugh$4
521158.1Four Famous Greek Plays*Misc$11
310223.1Four Plays*Hellman, Lillian$8
696019.3Four Plays1st*Shaw, Bernard$8
523144.2Fourteen Great Detective Stories*Misc$9
839G013.2French Revolution (Giant)Carlyle, Thomas$2
981G013.2French Revolution (Giant)Carlyle, Thomas$2
78295.1Gallic War and Other Writings*Caesar$11
455129.2Garden Party*Mansfield, Katherine$6
601232.1Golden TreasuryPalgrave$1
602232.1Golden Treasury*Palgrave$5
965ISBNGreat Ages and Ideas of the Jewish People (ISBN)*Misc$5
1030108.3Great German Short Novels & Stories*Misc$8
527168.2Great Modern Short Stories*Misc$6
338089.1Green MansionsHudson, W. H.$6
339089.1Green MansionsHudson, W. H.$4
340089.2Green MansionsHudson, W. H.$1
341089.2Green Mansions*Hudson, W. H.$6
976IllustGreen Mansions (Illustrated)*Hudson$4
977IllustGreen Mansions (Illustrated)*Hudson$4
738080.2Henry Esmond*Thackeray, William$4
1046080.2Henry Esmond*Thackeray, William$7
1047080.2Henry Esmond*Thackeray, William$5
342112.2High Wind in JamaicaHughes, Richard$1
343112.2High Wind in Jamaica*Hughes, Richard$6
324328.1Hiroshima1stHersey, John$5
689003.5aHistories and Poems Vol 2*Shakespeare$5
688006.6Histories Vol 1*Shakespeare$12
838G035.1History of Greece (Giant)1st*Bury, J. B.$10
132192.1History of the BorgiasCorvo, Frederick Baron$5
913G030.1History of the Great American Fortunes (Giant)*Myers, Gustavus$14
974IllustHistory of Tom Jones (Illustrated)*Fielding, Henry$9
152173.2Human Nature and ConductDewey, John$2
154173.2Human Nature and Conduct*Dewey, John$7
156173.2Human Nature and Conduct*Dewey, John$7
157173.2Human Nature and Conduct*Dewey, John$6
705159.1Humphrey ClinkerSmollett, Tobias$1
994166.2Iliad (Jacket Only)Homer$2
846G043.1Intelligence..Mod (Giant)*Dewey, John$4
16248.1Introduction to Aristotle1st*Aristotle$10
928G038.1Jean Christophe (Giant)*Rolland, Romain$9
230117.3Joseph Andrews*Fielding, Henry$4
232117.4Joseph Andrews*Fielding, Henry$7
233117.4Joseph Andrews*Fielding, Henry$7
1031117.3Joseph Andrews*Fielding, Henry$4
201192.2Journals1stEmerson, Ralph Waldo$2
289135.1Jude the Obscure*Hardy, Thomas$6
290135.1Jude the Obscure*Hardy, Thomas$8
406303.1Kierkegaard Anthology*Kierkegaard$3
409303.1Kierkegaard Anthology*Kierkegaard$9
410303.1Kierkegaard Anthology*Kierkegaard$8
411099.3Kim*Kipling, Rudyard$8
982099.3Kim (Jacket Only)Kipling, Rudyard$4
649336.1Last of the Wine*Renault, Mary$12
458182.2Late George Apley*Marquand, John$7
803097.2Leaves of Grass 97.2Whitman, Walt$1
804097.3Leaves of Grass 97.3*Whitman, Walt$5
1039350.1Lie Down in Darkness1st*Styron, William$11
62241.1Life & Works of Beethoven*Burk, John N.$6
63241.2Life & Works of Beethoven*Burk, John N.$5
647140.1Life of JesusRenan, Ernest$1
833G002.1Life of Johnson (Giant)1stBoswell, James$4
834G002.1Life of Johnson (Giant)*Boswell, James$7
735049.2Life of Michelangelo Buonarroti*Symonds, John Addington$4
1027049.2Life of Michelangelo Buonarroti*Symonds, John Addington$6
215088.5Light in August*Faulkner, William$5
216088.5Light in August*Faulkner, William$7
1005111.2Long Voyage Home*O'Neill, Eugene$6
946G016.1Look Homeward Angel (Giant)*Wolfe, Thomas$8
990186.1Lord Jim (Jacket Only)Conrad, Joseph$1
988011.3Lust for Life (Jacket Only)Stone, Irving$1
989011.3Lust for Life (Jacket Only)Stone, Irving$3
243028.3Madame Bovary*Flaubert, Gustave$4
480008.1Mademoiselle FifiMaupassant$5
532149.2Making of ManMisc$2
533149.2Making of ManMisc$1
534183.2Making of Society*Misc$5
447033.3Man's Fate*Malraux, Andre$3
449033.3Man's Fate*Malraux, Andre$4
316010.2Maria ChapelaineHemon, Louis$2
607090.1Marius the EpicureanPater, Walter$5
608090.1Marius the Epicurean*Pater, Walter$9
356036.1Master Builder/Pillars/Hedda GIbsen, Henrik$3
357036.1Master Builder/Pillars/Hedda GIbsen, Henrik$2
358036.1Master Builder/Pillars/Hedda GIbsen, Henrik$2
359036.1Master Builder/Pillars/Hedda GIbsen, Henrik$2
360036.1Master Builder/Pillars/Hedda GIbsen, Henrik$1
291017.1Mayor of CasterbridgeHardy, Thomas$5
292017.1Mayor of CasterbridgeHardy, Thomas$3
825179.1Medici*Young, G. F.$5
947G009.1Medici (Giant)Young, G. F.$3
948G009.1Medici (Giant)Young, G. F.$2
535133.2Medieval RomancesMisc$1
94165.1Memoirs of CasanovaCasanova, Jacques$3
95165.1Memoirs of CasanovaCasanova, Jacques$1
1038165.1Memoirs of Casanova*Casanova, Jacques$8
72043.3Messer Marco PoloByrne, Donn$1
865G078.1Mind and Faith of (Giant)Holmes, O. W.$3
484119.1Moby DickMelville, Herman$1
536127.2Modern American PoetryMisc$1
149122.1Moll FlandersDefoe, Daniel$1
468027.2Moon and SixpenceMaugham, W. Somerset$1
471027.2Moon and Sixpence*Maugham, W. Somerset$1
816096.2Mrs. Dalloway1stWoolf, Virginia$8
43175.2My War with the United StatesBemelmans, Ludwig$1
44175.2My War with the United StatesBemelmans, Ludwig$3
440095.2Napoleon*Ludwig, Emil$3
441095.2Napoleon*Ludwig, Emil$4
822221.1Native SonWright, Richard$3
896G046.2New Anthology of Modern Poetry (Giant)*Misc$4
270125.1New Grub Street1stGissing, Henry$1
540258.3New Voices in the American Theatre*Misc$6
1033258.3New Voices in the American Theatre*Misc$6
917G055.1Nine Plays (Giant)*O'Neill, Eugene$6
123275.1NostromoConrad, Joseph$2
83349.1Notebooks 1835-1942*Camus, Albert$9
472176.1Of Human Bondage*Maugham, W. Somerset$8
474176.1Of Human Bondage*Maugham, W. Somerset$7
475176.1Of Human Bondage*Maugham, W. Somerset$10
183141.1Old Calabria1stDouglas, Norman$9
46184.1Old Wives' Tale*Bennett, Arnold$5
1001184.1Old Wives' Tale*Bennett, Arnold$7
493134.1Ordeal of Richard Feverel*Meredith, George$4
955ISBNOrigin of Species & Descent of (ISBN)*Darwin, Charles$5
541152.2Outline of Abnormal Psychology*Misc$4
542066.1Outline of PsychoanalysisMisc$3
543066.1Outline of PsychoanalysisMisc$1
544066.1Outline of Psychoanalysis*Misc$3
545066.2Outline of Psychoanalysis*Misc$6
1020066.1Outline of Psychoanalysis*Misc$6
573190.1Parnassus on WheelsMorley, Christopher$2
635278.1Past Recaptured*Proust, Marcel$7
251210.1Penguin IslandFrance, Anatole$2
1003210.1Penguin Island*France, Anatole$7
33245.1Pere Goriot and Eugenie Grandet*Balzac, Honore de$7
34245.1Pere Goriot and Eugenie Grandet*Balzac, Honore de$6
35245.1Pere Goriot and Eugenie Grandet*Balzac, Honore de$7
320255.1Persian Wars1st*Herodotus$10
321255.1Persian Wars*Herodotus$5
1006032.3Personal History*Sheean, Vincent$7
192207.1Peter Ibbetsondu Maurier, George$1
375114.1PhilosophyJames, William$2
376114.1PhilosophyJames, William$1
377114.1PhilosophyJames, William$1
309239.2Philosophy of HegelHegel$2
498322.1Philosophy of John Stuart Mill Mill, John Stuart$2
161204.1Pickwick Papers*Dickens, Charles$4
162204.1Pickwick Papers*Dickens, Charles$8
806001.1Picture of Dorian GrayWilde, Oscar$4
807001.1Picture of Dorian GrayWilde, Oscar$6
812083.2Plays*Wilde, Oscar$3
813083.2Plays*Wilde, Oscar$7
920G005.1Plutarch's Lives (Giant)*Plutarch$12
436056.2PoemsLongfellow, Henry$1
437056.2Poems*Longfellow, Henry$7
438056.2Poems*Longfellow, Henry$6
835G017.1Poems & Plays (Giant)*Browning, Robert$6
978IllustPoems of Longfellow (Illustrated)Longfellow$6
979IllustPoems of Longfellow (Illustrated)*Longfellow$10
926G062.1Poems/Prose/Plays (Giant)*Pushkin, Alexander$12
967ISBNPoetry & Short Stories (ISBN)*Parker, Dorothy$6
734023.1Poetry of Swinburne*Swinburne, Algernon Charles$5
349180.1Point Counter Point1stHuxley, Aldous$6
350180.1Point Counter PointHuxley, Aldous$3
368107.4Portrait of a Lady*James, Henry$6
388145.1Portrait of an Artist*Joyce, James$4
791219.1Precious Bane1stWebb, Mary$3
793219.1Precious Bane*Webb, Mary$5
1037219.1Precious Bane*Webb, Mary$7
442065.3Prince and The Discourses*Machiavelli$9
443065.3Prince and The Discourses*Machiavelli$6
444065.4Prince and The Discourses*Machiavelli$10
1010065.3Prince and The Discourses*Machiavelli$6
272046.1Private Papers of Henry RyecroftGissing, Henry$4
273046.1Private Papers of Henry RyecroftGissing, Henry$3
274046.1Private Papers of Henry RyecroftGissing, Henry$2
966ISBNPursuit of Love & Love in...Climate (ISBN)Mitford, Nancy$4
991128.1Rainbow (Jacket Only)Lawrence, D. H.$2
190227.1Rebecca1stdu Maurier, Daphne$5
191227.1Rebecca*du Maurier, Daphne$1
719157.1Red and the Black*Stendhal, Marie-Henri$3
998157.1Red and the Black (Jacket Only)Stendhal, Marie-Henri$1
137130.4Red Badge of Courage*Crane, Stephen$5
609086.1RenaissancePater, Walter$4
282076.1Renee MauperinGoncourt, E. & J. De$3
676381.1Reprieve1st*Sartre, Jean-Paul$12
87339.1Resistance, Rebellion and Death*Camus, Albert$10
547287.1Restoration Plays*Misc$5
1007287.1Restoration Plays*Misc$6
295121.1Return of the Native *Hardy, Thomas$4
949ISBNRhetoric & The Poetics (ISBN)*Aristotle$5
380118.3Roan StallionJeffers, Robinson$1
150092.4Robinson Crusoe / Plague YearDefoe, Daniel$2
548337.1Roman ComediesMisc$15
495138.1Romance of Leonardo da Vinci*Merejkowski, Dmitri$5
1021138.1Romance of Leonardo da Vinci*Merejkowski, Dmitri$2
697294.1Saint Joan,Major Barbara, Andronecles*Shaw, Bernard$5
614103.1Samuel Pepys' DiaryPepys, Samuel$3
616103.1Samuel Pepys' Diary*Pepys, Samuel$7
219061.2SanctuaryFaulkner, William$2
618156.1SatyriconPetronius Arbiter$1
304093.2Scarlet LetterHawthorne, Nathaniel$1
305093.3Scarlet LetterHawthorne, Nathaniel$1
660137.1Selected Papers of Bertrand Russell1stRussell, Bertrand$2
661137.1Selected Papers of Bertrand Russell1stRussell, Bertrand$3
662137.1Selected Papers of Bertrand RussellRussell, Bertrand$3
663137.1Selected Papers of Bertrand Russell*Russell, Bertrand$6
665137.1Selected Papers of Bertrand Russell*Russell, Bertrand$7
996137.1Selected Papers of Bertrand Russell (Jacket Only)Russell, Bertrand$2
163025.4Selected Poems*Dickinson, Emily$8
21160.2Selected Poetry1st*Auden, W.H.$12
58198.2Selected Poetry1stBrowning, Robert$3
50285.1Selected Poetry and ProseBlake, William$1
625082.2Selected Poetry and ProsePoe, Edgar Allan$2
700274.1Selected Poetry and Prose*Shelley, Percy Bysshe$3
702274.1Selected Poetry and Prose*Shelley, Percy Bysshe$6
698319.1Selected Short Stories1st*Shaw, Irwin$8
704366.1Selected Short Stories1st*Singer, Isaac Bashevis$13
7145.2Selected Stories*Aleichem, Sholom$7
8145.2Selected Stories*Aleichem, Sholom$5
391283.1Selected Stories*Kafka, Franz$7
392283.1Selected Stories*Kafka, Franz$8
393283.1Selected Stories*Kafka, Franz$9
797290.1Selected StoriesWelty, Eudora$1
798290.1Selected Stories*Welty, Eudora$7
800290.1Selected Stories*Welty, Eudora$8
814126.5Selected StoriesWodehouse, P. G.$1
575191.3Selected Verse*Nash, Ogden$3
576191.3Selected Verse*Nash, Ogden$2
27256.2Selected Writings*Bacon$5
90353.1Selected Writings1stCapote, Truman$4
365240.1Selected Writings*Irving, Washington$6
497296.1Selected WritingsMichener, James$2
1052G057.2Selected Writings*Melville, Herman$11
885G057.2Selected Writings (Giant)*Melville, Herman$9
999091.4Selected Writings (Jacket Only)Emerson, Ralph Waldo$1
549158.2Seven Famous Greek PlaysMisc$2
550158.2Seven Famous Greek Plays1st*Misc$10
551158.2Seven Famous Greek Plays*Misc$8
553158.2Seven Famous Greek Plays*Misc$7
165054.3Seven Gothic TalesDinesen, Isak$2
578235.2Short History of United States*Nevins, Allan$5
667280.1Short Stories*Saki (H. H. Munro)$4
997280.1Short Stories (Jacket Only)Saki (H. H. Munro)$1
337277.1Silas LaphamHowells, W. D.$2
1026277.1Silas Lapham*Howells, W. D.$7
556276.1Six Modern American Plays*Misc$5
117251.2Six Novels by Colette*Colette$12
311223.2Six Plays*Hellman, Lillian$5
129194.1Six Plays by Corneille & Racine*Corneille & Racine$4
131194.1Six Plays by Corneille & Racine*Corneille & Racine$5
652200.3Six Plays by Rodgers & Hammerstein*Rodgers & Hammerstein$16
598067.2Six Plays of Clifford Odets*Odets, Clifford$5
599067.2Six Plays of Clifford Odets*Odets, Clifford$6
1014067.2Six Plays of Clifford Odets*Odets, Clifford$7
1015067.2Six Plays of Clifford Odets*Odets, Clifford$6
899G021.2Sixteen Famous American Plays (Giant)1st*Misc$14
900G021.2Sixteen Famous American Plays (Giant)*Misc$11
903G021.2Sixteen Famous European Plays (Giant)Misc$2
423109.1Sons and Lovers*Lawrence, D. H.$6
223187.2Sound and Fury/As I Lay Dying*Faulkner, William$4
184005.3South WindDouglas, Norman$3
557118.4Stories of Modern ItalyMisc$1
723254.1Storm1stStewart, George$3
1029254.1Storm*Stewart, George$7
638059.2Swann's Way*Proust, Marcel$6
912G038.2Tale of Genji (Giant)*Murasaki, Lady$11
298072.2Tess of the D'Ubervilles1stHardy, Thomas$6
300072.3Tess of the D'Ubervilles*Hardy, Thomas$5
54282.1The Life of Samuel Johnson*Boswell, James$7
558085.2Three Famous French Romances1st*Misc$9
1034085.2Three Famous French Romances*Misc$8
195143.1Three MusketeersDumas, Alexander$2
170205.1Three SoldiersDos Passos, John$1
754085.3Thurber CarnivalThurber, James$3
755085.3Thurber Carnival*Thurber, James$6
757085.3Thurber Carnival*Thurber, James$8
234185.1Tom Jones1stFielding, Henry$1
235185.1Tom Jones1stFielding, Henry$3
854G054.1Tom Jones (Giant)1stFielding, Henry$4
795197.1Tono BungayWells, H. G.$1
717216.1Tortilla FlatSteinbeck, John$2
693002.7Tragedies Vol 1*Shakespeare$10
695003.6Tragedies Vol 2*Shakespeare$5
394318.1TrialKafka, Franz$2
397318.1Trial*Kafka, Franz$7
398318.1Trial*Kafka, Franz$4
722147.1Tristram Shandy*Stern, Laurence$4
1050G10.1Twelve Famous Plays of the Restoration and Eighteenth Century *Misc$9
906G010.1Twelve Famous Plays/Restoration/Century (Giant)Misc$2
907G010.1Twelve Famous Plays/Restoration/Century (Giant)*Misc$8
559127.3Twentieth Century Am. PoetryMisc$1
560127.4Twentieth Century Am. PoetryMisc$1
873G052.1Ulysses (Giant)Joyce, James$3
876G052.2Ulysses (Giant)*Joyce, James$10
728261.1Uncle Tom's Cabin1stStowe, Harriet Beecher$2
434123.2UpstreamLewisohn, Ludwig$5
435123.2UpstreamLewisohn, Ludwig$3
281291.1Vicar of Wakefield*Goldsmith, Oliver$6
1022291.1Vicar of Wakefield*Goldsmith, Oliver$6
124034.2VictoryConrad, Joseph$5
125034.2Victory*Conrad, Joseph$5
126034.2Victory*Conrad, Joseph$2
789120.2Vile BodiesWaugh, Evelyn$1
778075.2Virgil's Works 75.2Virgil$1
749155.2Walden and Other WritingsThoreau, Henry David$2
984155.3Walden and Other Writings (Jacket Only)Thoreau, Henry David$2
986155.3Walden and Other Writings (Jacket Only)Thoreau, Henry David$3
938G053.1Wandering Jew (Giant)*Sue, Eugene$10
371269.1Washington SquareJames, Henry$1
373269.1Washington Square*James, Henry$6
66013.1Way of All FleshButler,Samuel$4
67013.1Way of All FleshButler,Samuel$3
69013.1Way of All Flesh*Butler,Samuel$5
70013.2Way of All Flesh*Butler,Samuel$6
684281.1What Makes Sammy Run?*Schulberg, Budd$9
1004307.1Wild Duck and Other Plays*Ibsen, Henrik$7
362054.1Wild Duck/League../RosmeresholmIbsen, Henrik$2
363054.1Wild Duck/League../RosmeresholmIbsen, Henrik$2
10104.1Winesburg, Ohio*Anderson, Sherwood$7
374244.1Wings of the DoveJames, Henry$1
621181.1Works of Plato*Plato$5
623181.1Works of Plato*Plato$8
55106.2Wuthering Heights*Bronte, Emily$5
36116.2Zuleika DobsonBeerbohm, Max$2
39116.2Zuleika DobsonBeerbohm, Max$2
41116.2Zuleika Dobson*Beerbohm, Max$7
1009116.2Zuleika Dobson*Beerbohm, Max$8

474 Books found

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