Six Degrees of Stories of Modern Italy / Misc


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First Degree
Best Russian Short Stories (Misc)
Best Short Stories (Dostoevsky)
Best Short Stories (Maugham)
Canterbury Tales (Chaucer)
Decameron (Boccaccio)
Droll Stories (Balzac)
Great German Short Novels and Stories (Misc)
Great Spanish Stories (Misc)
Irish Fairy & Folk Tales (Misc)
Selected Short Stories (O'Hara)
Selected Stories (Aleichem)
Selected Stories (Kafka)
Seven Gothic Tales (Dinesen)
Short Stories (James H.)
Short Stories (Saki)
Six Novels (Colette)
Stories (Chekhov [Tchekov])
Thurber Carnival (Thurber)

Total number of recommended titles is 18