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This index includes all regular [R], illustrated [I], giant [G], and numbered paperback [P] literary titles originally published in modern languages other than English. For titles originally published in ancient languages, see the Period Studies page. When no bracketed letter appears, the title is available only in a regular edition. Variant author spellings are as they appear on the title pages.

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Kierkegaard Anthology Kierkegaard


Diary of A Young Girl Frank


Against the Grain Huysmans [R] [P]
Age of Reason Sartre
Aphrodite Louys
Camille Dumas, fils
Captive Proust
Charterhouse of Parma Stendhal
Cities of the Plain Proust
Complete Plays Vol I & II Racine

Complete Works

Rabelais [G]

Counterfeiters Gide
Counterfeiters & the Journal Gide
Cousin Bette Balzac
Creative Evolution Bergson
Crime of Sylvestre Bonnard France
Cyrano de Bergerac Rostand
Droll Stories Balzac
Eight Plays Moliere
Fall/Exile and the Kingdom Camus
Four Contemporary French Plays Misc
French Romances Misc
Gargantua and Pantagruel Rabelais
Guermantes Way Proust
His Prose and Poetry Baudelaire
Hunchback of Notre Dame Hugo
Jean Christophe Rolland

Les Miserables

Hugo [G]

Lost Illusions

Balzac [G]

Madame Bovary Flaubert
Madame Chrysantheme Loti
Mademoiselle Fifi de Maupassant
Man's Fate Malraux

Man's Hope

Malraux [G]

Maria Chapdelaine Hemon
Miracle of Saint Antony Maeterlinck
Mlle de Maupin Gautier
Mlle de Maupin/Cleopatra's Nights Gautier
Nana Zola
Night in the Luxembourg Gourmont
Our Lady of Flowers Genet
Past Recaptured Proust
Penguin Island France
Pere Goriot / Eugenie Grandet Balzac
Plague Camus
Plays Moliere
Queen Pedauque France
Red Lily France
Red and the Black Stendhal
Renee Mauperin Goncourt
Reprieve Sartre
Revolt of the Angels France
Royal Way Malraux [P]
Salammbo Flaubert
Sapho/Manon Lescaut Daudet etc.
Short Stories Balzac
Six Novels Colette
Six Plays by Corneille & Racine Corneille etc.
Swann's Way Proust
Sweet Cheat Gone Proust
Temptation of St. Anthony Flaubert
Thais France
Three Musketeers Dumas, père
Une Vie de Maupassant
Une Vie and Bel Ami de Maupassant
Virgin Heart Gourmont

Wandering Jew

Sue [G]

Within a Budding Grove Proust


20 German Poets Misc
Anatol and Other Plays Schnitzler
Bertha Garlan Schnitzler
Buddenbrooks Mann
Castle Kafka
Confessions of Felix Krull Mann
Dame Care Sudermann
Doctor Faustus Mann
Faust Goethe
Forty Days of Musa Dagh Werfel
Great German Short Novels & Stories Misc
Heretic of Soana Hauptmann
Jörn Uhl Frenssen
Magic Mountain Mann
Power Feuchtwanger
Reigen and Other Plays Schnitzler
Selected Stories Kafka
Song of Songs Sudermann
Steppenwolf Hesse

Stories of Three Decades

Mann [G]

Trial Kafka


Decameron Boccaccio
Child of Pleasure D'Annunzio
Divine Comedy Dante [R] [P] [I]
Flame of Life D'Annunzio
Maidens of the Rocks D'Annunzio
Stories of Modern Italy Misc
Triumph of Death D'Annunzio


Doll's House/Ghosts/Enemy of the People Ibsen
Doll's House/Ghosts/Enemy of the People/Master Builder Ibsen

Eleven Plays

Ibsen [G]

Ghosts/Doll's House/Enemy of the People/Borkman Ibsen
Growth of the Soil Hamsum
Master Builder/ Pillars of Society/Hedda Gabler Ibsen
Six Plays Ibsen
Wild Duck & Other Plays Ibsen
Wild Duck/ Rosmersholm/League of Youth Ibsen


Anna Karenina Tolstoy [R] [G]
Anth. of Russian Lit. of the Soviet Period Misc [P]
Best Plays Chekhov
Best Russian Short Stories Misc
Best Short Stories of Dostoevsky Dostoevsky
Brothers Karamazov Dostoyevksy [R] [G] [I] [P]
Captain's Daughter and Other Great Stories Pushkin [P]

Collected Tales and Plays

Gogol [G]

Creatures That Once Were Men Gorky
Crime and Punishment Dostoyevsky [R] [P] [I]
Dead Souls Gogol
Death of Ivan Ilyitch Tolstoy

Doctor Zhivago

Pasternak [G]

Fathers and Sons Turgenev
Great Russian Stories Misc [P]


Dostoyevsky [G]

Kreutzer Sonata Tolstoy [P]

Poems, Prose and Plays

Pushkin [G]

Poor People Dostoyevsky
Possessed Dostoyevsky
Redemption and other Plays Tolstoy
Rothschild's Fiddle & Other Stories Chekhov
Sanine Artzibashev
Selected Essays Tolstoy
Seven That Were Hanged Andreyev
Seven That Were Hanged & Other Stories Andreyev [P]
Short Novels (Vol I) Tolstoy
Short Novels (Vol II) Tolstoy
Short Stories Tolstoy
Short Stories Chekhov (Tchekov)
Short Stories (Vol II) Tolstoy
Smoke Turgenev

War and Peace

Tolstoy [G]

Yama Kuprin
Death of the Gods Merejkowski
Peter and Alexis Merejkowski
Romance of Leonardo Da Vinci Merejkowski


Cabin Ibanez

Don Quixote

Cervantes [R] [I] [G]

Eight Spanish Plays of the Golden Age Misc
Great Spanish Stories Misc


Barabbas Lagerkvist [P]
Married Strindberg
Married and Miss Julie Strindberg
Miss Julie and Other Plays Strindberg
Plays of Strindberg Vol I Strindberg


Selected Stories Sholom Aleichem
Selected Short Stories Singer