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The ModLib Mailing List  is an ongoing e-mail-based discussion group for all ML-collecting matters. It has been in existence since March, 2001.   Information on the Mailing List can be found on the Private Modern Library E-mail Group page at ModernLib.  (Who runs the ModLib Mailing List?)

Since the Mailing List is the primary mechanism that collectors use to communicate with each other, it contains a treasure trove of useful (and not so useful, but entertaining) ML related material.  But the structure of the raw archives is such that retrieving the information in them is cumbersome and difficult to read. ModernLib and Amenities have teamed up to provide the Mailing List messages through a clean, easy to read, searchable mechanism.

The indexed searchable archives cover March 2001 through May 2007. For non-searchable messages posted after that, click here to go to the source. For instructions on searching the complete archives up to the present day, see the section on Google Search at How do I retrieve previously posted e-mail messages?


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