John Peterson of Fort Wayne IN sent this e-mail to the ML Mailing List. He was also kind enough to send me a mess of scans, reproduced below:

"I'm curious about a boxed set of regular size MLs, evidently a corporate freebie, I picked up this weekend. Two vols, Don Quixote (174.3) and Iliad (166.3), both 60's vintage, spine #13, with the identical light blue cloth on books and box, but with crazy aluminum-like metallic endpapers and "Compliments of the Corporate Design Division - ALCOA" inside the cover.  DJs are glossy paper, no numbers on spine, have pictures on front and back. [Book binding and title pages are standard with no indication of this being a private printing, but odd aluminum endpapers tipped in. - Editor]

"Front picture is thematic for the book and below is the title in script; on the backs, along with a photo of ALCOA personnel, are somewhat hoaky advertising paragraphs that tie into the book, e.g., 'if you're laying siege to a problem, come to Alcoa,' or, 'So next time you come up against a problem that has dragon-sized proportions, call an Alcoa Designer. Chivalry is not dead.'

"Anybody know anything about these?
Was this kind of special issue done often?
Are examples common or rare? valuable or not?"