Modern Library Display Bookcases

- Scot Kamins

At some point Modern Library placed bookcases in stores to display its titles. Here's an example that regular contributor and ML Mailing List maintainer John Krygier found in the Books on High bookstore in Columbus Ohio:


Bookstore owners Genie and Jay Hoster report that they acquired it around 1998 for their shop at 3510 N. High Street from another Columbus book dealer who was retiring and didn't need it any more.

Their guess is that, given the color scheme, the bookcase was manufactured in the late '40s or early '50s . "The color of the light shade at the top and on the bottom/front is that trendy turquoise and the logo is the same turquoise and gold color that was so popular after WWII; also the wood is a sorta bleached oak color popular on furniture at that time as well.," they said in an e-mail to ModernLib.

The bookcase accommodates a fluorescent light bulb under that turquoise "shade" along the top. Because the wiring is so old, they've been hesitant to plug it in.

Rob Perrilleon sent in the following example, this one acquired from a small bookstore in Canandaigua New York:


The case is six feet high and five feet wide and is composed of solid wood with a natural finish on the outside and painted gray on the inside. The white panel at the top is glass with a light behind it.

If anybody knows what the requirements were for a bookstore to qualify for a display from Modern Library, please let me know.