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What sellers on eBay should I avoid?

The Internet Superhighway is fraught with marauders.

Sometimes sellers have larceny in their hearts; in other cases (most, probably) sellers just don't know what they're doing. eBay is the world's largest flea market. As such, there are far more just-plain-folks selling old books from the basement and attic than there are professional booksellers dealing in rare 1st editions. Common sense will guide you well here.

Still, be extremely cautious of any seller who:

  • Refuses to answer your questions
  • Gives evasive answers
  • Refuses to send additional scans/photo without good reason
  • Has an eBay positive feedback rating of less than 99%
  • Accepts payment only by money order, cashier's check, wired funds, or cash
  • Does not allow returns ("all sales final")
  • Advertises as rare or scarce titles that you know to be common
  • Makes claims you know to be false
  • Wants unreasonable shipping charges

Above all, trust your instincts. Having that book is usually not a matter of life or death.

For a summary article about buying and selling on eBay, see Ethics & eBay - No, Really! elsewhere on this Website.

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