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Information in this section comes from discussions held on the Modern Library e-Mail Discussion Group; from articles elsewhere on ModernLib; from outside sources of Modern Library information such as the Price Guide, the fanzine Modern Library Collector, and assorted books, biographies, and magazine articles; from e-mails the editor has exchanged over the years with other Modern Library collectors and specialist dealers; and from the sodden depths of the editor's own depraved mind. Special thanks to John Krygier who reviewed nearly every FAQ entry and commented on many of them.

Please e-mail the editor with corrections, and suggestions for additions and improvements.

For information on book collecting in general (the rules of which generally apply to Modern Library collecting), see Steve Trussel's excellent Website Books and Book Collecting. For a pretty good glossary of book collecting terms, see the Antiquarian Booksellers Association of America. For another excellent illustrated glossary of terms including book faults, see My Wings Books Illustrated Glossary of Book Collecting Terms.

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