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How Reliable Is the Info in ModernLib?

Information in the database and throughout this Website was gathered from sources that I believe to be reliable. But I couldn't check out every purported fact, observation, first edition point, etc. to verify the information. ModernLib is a cooperative venture: If you find something that isn't true, please let me know and I'll update it.

Among ModernLib members are some of the world's most knowledgeable and experienced Modern Library collectors and specialist dealers. These folks regularly contribute information either directly to the ModernLib managing editor or through the private e-mail discussion group.

Additionally, the writers for the Modern Library collector publications (including the Toledano Guide and the Modern Library Collector newsletter) and the webmaster of the only other Modern Library collectors Website (Ron Holl of Amenities) are members of and contributors to ModernLib.

The information on ModernLib is constantly updated. When people tell me about errors on ModernLib, I correct them. Still, this is a hobbyist Website. All contributors do so in their spare time. And there are few consistencies in the way that Modern Library published its books, especially in terms of bindings and consistency of first edition slugs; discovering all the anomalies is a nearly impossible task.

We all do what we can, and the information is the most reliable available. But it isn't perfect.

Contributors to this FAQ answer include:

Scot Kamins

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