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Who's the guy behind ModernLib?

~ The ModernLib Webmaster ~

Uh—that would be me. My name is Scot Kamins. Hi.

I'm a retired technical writer who would work anywhere in the world that an Internet connection would take me. (Physically I refuse to leave my Zip code here in Portland Oregon.) I wrote books, manuals, and on-line help systems about computers and computer software and other high-tech thingees. I had 30 years experience doing it when I retired. My resumé is here and a partial list of stuff I've done is here.

By spirit I'm probably a Buddhist (I guess). Who can know these things?

By politics I'm a cynical intellectual and a far-left-leaning Libertarian. Maybe a Socialist.

I love dogs. And pizza. And of course Modern Library books. (All books, actually.) And a good bourbon. And Terry Pratchett. And that's enough.

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Scot Kamins

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