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I've heard that, to keep them pristine,
I shouldn't read books from my collection.

Many collectors of rare books wouldn't think of reading their treasures for fear of getting them dirty, harming them in some way, or leaving greasy eye-tracks all over the place.

I'd be extremely careful of any pieces named in the FAQ What are the toughest Modern Library titles to find? If I wanted to read one of those titles, I'd probably find a cheap paperback copy and read that. But outside of that short list, I wouldn't hesitate - and in fact don't hesitate - to read any book in my collection.

Of course, you'll want to be careful: Remove the dust jacket from your collectible and store it out of harm's way, and refrain from eating fried chicken with your fingers while you're reading.

These are books, after all, and they are meant to be read. It's not like they're - oh, I don't know - superhero action figures meant to be kept in their original boxes for all time so that your stupid little sister doesn't grab them and...but I digress.

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