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What's a good way to search for Modern Library titles on eBay?

Here are three techniques I always use:

  1. Check the "search title and description" box.
  2. Use "Modern Library" (in quotes) as the primary search term.
  3. Choose "All Categories" in the Search Limitations pull-down menu to the right of the Search text field.

When I'm looking for something specific, I use as few words as possible. This is because many sellers don't use all the words in a title. Additionally, many people are poor spellers and are remarkably careless when they set up a listing. For example, If I'm searching for Dostoevsky's Brothers Karamazov, my entire search field will look like this:

"Modern Library" brothers

If I must use a term that I suspect is easy to misspell, I'll use alternate spellings using eBay's OR feature. In the following entry, eBay looks for Modern Library titles containing any of the names within parentheses:

"Modern Library" (dostoyevski, dostoievski, dostoyevsky, dostoievsky)

Finally, I do special searches on my favorite sellers. To do it:

  1. Click Advanced Search.
  2. Check the "search title and description" box.
  3. Use "Modern Library" (in quotes) as the only search term.
  4. Locate the field called "From specific sellers."
  5. Enter the eBay ID of your favorite seller or sellers.
  6. Click Search.

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