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Is eBay a good place to sell my Modern Library books?

For titles that generally sell well, you'll likely get more money (before expenses) selling on eBay than you'll get selling your books either to an ML specialist or to your local used bookstore.

How well a book will sell on eBay depends on the scarcity and condition of the copy. The majority of listings of common ML titles go unsold on eBay. This is often because of mailing costs. (Why would anybody pay $10 for a common title plus $4.00 for shipping when the same book can be had at a local bookshop for $6 or $7 total?) Many titles also go begging because of poorly worded listings.

Less common titles will likely sell well, assuming you give complete information and avoid the mistakes that poor sellers make.

First, check to see if any copies of your title are currently for sale and see how they're doing. If several copies of even a scarcer title are available, it may make sense to wait for these listings to end before you list your copy.

If no copies are currently being offered, check to see if your title sold recently on eBay. Do this:

  1. Click Advanced Search.
  2. Type "Modern Library" (in quotes) plus the smallest number of words as possible from the title into the search term field.
  3. Check the "Completed listings only" box.
  4. Click Search.

If a dozen copies have been listed in the last month or so and none sold, you're probably throwing away your listing fees. On the other hand, if a copy just like yours sold for a high amount with dozens of different bidders trying to get it, then it's likely time to list it.

Of course, there are no guarantees.

For a summary article about buying and selling on eBay, see Ethics & eBay - No, Really! elsewhere on this Website.

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