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How did ModernLib get its original name (Dogeared)?

[Wally the Dog head]

I knew this guy named Geoffrey Sawyer in San Francisco. We used to go to the same dog park, he with his dog Porter and I with my dog Wally. (That's Wally below Geoff.) I happened to mention that I wanted to start a Web page about my book-collecting hobby but couldn't figure out what to call it. He suggested the name Dogeared because it perfectly represented my two passions in life—books and dogs. (We kept that name until June of 2006, when somebody made me an offer for the domain name that I couldn't refuse.)

Of course, Geoff also was being a little cynical, knowing that a collector would NEVER dog-ear a page in a collectable book. Neither would Wally (although he might chew it a bit).

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