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What does the ModernLib website cover?

ModernLib covers all manner of information about the form, content, and advertising of the Modern Library series of books for the years 1917-1974 (known to many collectors as The Classical Period). It covers a lesser amount of information about the period 1977 - 1992 or so. The site has something over 1,000 pages and more than 2500 images. It provides information about all hardcover, flexible cover, quality paperback issues, and the college editions, plus buckrams and illustrated editions. Additionally ModernLib contains intelligence on locating, buying, and selling Modern Library titles in online bookstores and eBay.

Information about the form of books includes bindings, dust jacket images, first edition points, dating guides, end papers, numbering system, and the like.

Information about the content of books includes tables of contents, links to descriptions of the content, and sometimes links to complete textual content. There are also links to information about book authors including biographies and criticism of their bodies of work.

Information about the advertising of books includes catalogs and marketing material such as matchbooks, posters, dust jacket blurbs, and scans of newspaper and magazine advertisements.

There's also material on judging quality and a miscellany of other stuff.

New information is constantly added to the Website as it becomes available.

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