About This Website



ModernLib (formerly Dogeared) is a site for collectors of the Modern Library series of books as published from 1917 through about 1991. The information deals with the numbered hardback issues 1917-1975 (sewn bindings), the perfect bindings of the period through 1991, plus the quality paperback series 1955-1960 and the college edition series 1950-1985.

For detailed information about ModernLib beyond what you find on this brief page, see the ModernLib section on the FAQ page.

Open Areas

Everything on ModernLib is open to everyone. Such information includes dozens of articles on the general aspects of Modern Library collecting: The history of the series, FAQs, material on how to get started, dating keys, and the like.

Other information—access to the database of authors' pages containing well over 2000 dust jacket images and information specific to a particular title and edition (including first edition points) — used to be available only to registered members, but starting in January 2008 the site was opened to all comers.

Donations are appreciated to keep the site going.

Our Mailing List

The Modern Library Mailing List, hosted by John Krygier at Ohio Wesleyan University, handles discussions among ML collectors and is ModernLib's official communication medium.

After looking around for a while, if you have any questions please contact the managing editor Scot Kamins.