Notes on 18th Century Plays

The Toledano numbering for this title is curious. The dates of the original edition of 224.1 (1952 - 1965) is later than that of 224.2, Philosophy of Santana (1942 - 1952). Typically Toledano numbers go in strict date order. This anomaly forced the numbering of the post-Toledano discovered 1966 18th Century Plays to 224.3.

First copyright page text:     First Modern Library Edition

First binding style:     8

First inverse DJ number:    360

Dates in print:     1952 - 1965 (224.1)
                              1966 - 1970 (224.3)

Toledano number:   224.1 (short bibliographical list)
                                   224.3 (authoratative editions & long biblio list)


Confirmed buckram sighting?      yes

Intro author:     Ricardo Quintana

Genre:     Drama

Curriculum:     Eighteenth Century

Original language:      English

Thanks to the contributors:

Henry Toledano Bill Hornick

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