Notes on Bellamy's Looking Backward

Notes on Bellamy's Looking Backward

Type "i" DJ flaps mistakenly state that the introduction to the second edition of this title, actually written by Robert L. Shurter, was written by Heywood Broun who wrote the intro for the earlier edition. 

Here's how the mistake may have been introduced: The ML began setting jacket flaps in sans serif type for new titles in Fall 1953 (type "i" DJ back) and reset the flap text of older jackets as they were reprinted. When the Looking Backward flap text was reset in sans serif type, Barry Neavill theorizes that the person responsible for coordinating it perhaps relied on an early jacket (meant to cover 22.3) that stated "INTRODUCTION BY HEYWOOD BROUN" on the front panel. Noticing that the Broun attribution no longer appeared on the front of the jacket, the editor evidently decided to add the no-longer valid information to the flap covering 22.4.

First copyright page text:     First Modern Library Edition

First binding style:     8

First inverse DJ number:     281 with one unconfirmed report of 278

Dates in print:    1942 - 1951 introduction by Heywood Broun
1951 - 1970 introduction by Robert L. Shurter

Toledano number:   022.3 (Broun intro with short author bio)
    022.4 (Shurter intro + 2-page biblio, no author bio)


Confirmed buckram sighting?      yes

Intro author:     1942 - 1951: Heywood Broun
1951 - 1970: Robert L. Shurter

Genre:     Novel     

Original language:      English      

Thanks to:

Henry Toledano Barry Neavill Bill Hornick
Craig Stoyle Christopher Brennan  

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