Notes on Butler's Way of All Flesh

Notes on Butler's Way of All Flesh

Two editions of this title came out. The first was in July of 1917 with an introductory note by Streatfeild; the second came out in 1950 with an introduction by Zabel added.

The Toledano Guide notes a revised edition in 1940, but the change seems to be limited to the creation of new plates. The new plates resulted in an enormous increase in the page count from 410 to 562 even though there was no real change to the content.

For a list of other titles where new plates resulted in a change to the page count while the content remained the same, see Book Block Plate Varieties.

 This title was one of several that had private printings done by The Jewish Daily Forward of New York in around 1924 (style 3 binding).

First copyright page text:      [ none ]

First binding style:     1

First inverse DJ number:      [ none -- B-L Catalog C2 ]

Dates in print:     1917 - 1950 (Streatfeild note only)
                              1950 - 1970
(Zabel intro added)                

Toledano number:   013.1 (1917 - 1950)
                                   013.2 (1950 - 1970)


Confirmed buckram sighting?      yes

Intro author:    1917 Introductory note by R.A. Streatfeild
                          1950 Introduction by Morton Dauwen Zabel

Genre:     Novel

Curriculum:     Victorians

Original language:      English

Thanks to:

Henry Toledano Barry Neavill Bill Hornick
V. Civiletti Christopher Brennan  

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