Notes on Byron's Selected Poetry

Notes on Byron's Selected Poetry

Originally published in Spring 1954 in 645 pages, a revised edition with 708 pages appeared in 1967 that included excerpts from Don Juan. (Other material was also added, omitted, or changed.) In the revised edition the Marchand introduction is somewhat longer because it includes a couple of pages discussing Don Juan.

Around 1969 or 1970 the title appeared in the taller binding 14 format with the Fujita torchbearer on the title page. But instead of reprinting the revised edition, ML used the plates of the original edition; odder still, the dust jacket covering the retrograde printing still referred to the revised edition.

This title was first published in ML College Editions in 1951.

First copyright page text:    [ none ]

First binding style:     8 (revised edition in style 13)

First inverse DJ number:     370

Dates in print:      1954 - 1967 [195.2]
                              1967 - 1969 [195.3 revised edition]
                              1969 - 1970 [195.4 reissued original edition]

Toledano number:    195.2 [1954 - 1967]
195.3 [1967 - 1969
revised edition]
                                    195.4 [1969
- 1970 reissued original edition]


Confirmed buckram sighting?      yes

Intro author:     Leslie A. Marchand
                   [ also includes a brief unattributed biographical sketch ]

Genre:     Poetry

Curriculum:     English Romantic Literature

Original language:      English

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Henry Toledano Barry Neavill

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