Notes on Cellini's Autobiography

Notes on Cellini's Autobiography

Autobiography was assigned #3 in the series from 1927 (having inherited the number from Soldier's Three by Kipling, whose own number was changed in that year to 71) until 1943 when the number changed to 150. Number 3 was reassigned to Shakespeare's Histories and Poems.

This title was one of only three in the history of the Modern Library to appear in the special keratol binding, part of the 1928 gift set.

First copyright page text:     First Modern Library Edition

First binding style:     4

First inverse DJ number:      [ none ]

Dates in print:     1927 - 1943 (#3)
                             1943 - 1970 (#150) 
                             1985 - 1986 (reprint)

Toledano number:     003.2 (1927 - 1943)
                                     150.3 (1943 - 1970)


Confirmed buckram sighting?      yes

Genre:     Autobiography/Memoirs

Curriculum:     Renaissance

Original language:      Italian

Translator:      John Addington Symonds

Thanks to:

Henry Toledano V. Civiletti Barry Neavill
  Bill Hornick  

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