Notes on Hugo's Les Miserables

[ From the verso of the title page in early printings ]


Les Miserables belongs so obviously on the list of Modern Library books that the editors have cast about for a long time for a plan whereby its inclusion could be made possible. The text was much too long for the usual Modern Library format. An abridged edition was unthinkable, and a two volume edition was entirely against the Modern Library’s policy.

The editors feel that this new Modern Library format is an ideal solution to the problem. From time to time, other famous books hitherto available only in two or three expensive volumes, will be published in the same manner.

A typo appears in the first printing (Fall, 1931) on the verso of the title page: "... An unabridged [sic] edition was unthinkable...". The word "unabridged" was corrected to "abridged" in the next printing.

First copyright page text:     First Modern Library Edition

First binding style:     G1

First inverse DJ number:    200

Dates in print:             1931 - 1975   

Toledano number           G003.1


Confirmed buckram sighting?              yes

Genre:     Novel

Original language:      French

Translator:      Charles E. Wilbour

Thanks to the contributors:

Henry Toledano John Peterson Barry Neavill

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