Notes on Machiavelli's The Prince

The correct number on the inverse of the first edition of The Prince is 271, a number used in both 1940 and 1941. To be sure you have a first edition, check to see that the highest Giant listing is G51, George Eliot’s Best Known Novels.

In 1950, a new printing appeared using the same plates but with a few content changes. (These changes were made for the ML College Edition and made it to the regular ML edition.) On the title page Max Lerner is identified as Professor of American Civilization and Political Institutions, Brandeis University. The introduction itself includes comments on Mussolini's use of Machiavellian writings, and several additional sentences appear in the final page about the usefulness of "Machiavellis realism about tough-minded methods." A new two-page bibliography follows the introduction.

First copyright page text:     [ none ]

First binding style:     8

First inverse DJ number:     271 (with G51, George Eliot’s
                                                Best Known Novels the highest giant)

Dates in print:     1940 - 1970

Toledano numbers:     065.3 (1940 - 1950)
                                      065.4 (1950 - 1970 -- see notes, above)


Confirmed buckram sighting?            yes

Intro author:     Max Lerner, written for the ML edition

Genre:     Essays/Personal Reflections/Reportage

Curriculum:     Renaissance

Original language:      Italian

Translator:      Luigi Ricci et al.

Thanks to the contributors:

Henry Toledano Pete Chocheles Bill Hornick
John Peterson Barry Neavill

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