Notes on Metropolitan Opera Guide

The Met Guide went through numerous printings and two collectible editions. The listing of the first five printings, comprising the first edition (Toledano number 048.1), appear on the verso of the title page. Ultimately the listing looked like this:

             First Edition--November 1939
             Second Edition--January 1940
             Third Edition--April 1941
             Fourth Edition--February 1942
             Fifth Edition--November 1943

There were no added printings between then and February 1946 (ML stopped reprinting Giants during the last two years of World War II because of paper shortages).

With the 6th printing in February 1946, ML stopped listing the printing dates. Also, that February printing eliminated the suggested recordings that appeared on pages 497 through 511, creating a collectible revised edition (048.2).

First copyright page text:     First Edition

First binding style:     G4

First inverse DJ number:     268 [G048.1]
                                                309 or blank [G048.2]

Dates in print:     1939 - 1943 [G048.1]
                              1946 - 1970 [G048.2]

Toledano number:     G048.1, G048.2


Confirmed buckram sighting?         yes   

Intro author:     Foreword by Mrs. August Belmont

Genre:     Music

Original language:      English

Thanks to the contributors:

Henry Toledano Darrell Johnson Barry Neavill
Brian LeMasters  

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