Notes on Pepys' Diary

The title of this book changed in 1967. In 1921 it came out as Passages from the Diary of Samuel Pepys (Toledano #103.1). But in 1967 the title changed to The Diary of Samuel Pepys (Toledano #103.2) with no change to content.

First copyright page text:     [ none ]

First binding style:     2

First inverse DJ number:     [ none ]

Dates in print:     1921 - 1966 (103.1 original title)
                              1967 - 1970 (103.2 title change)

Toledano number:     103.1, 103.2


Confirmed buckram sighting?            yes (103.1)

Intro author:     Richard Le Gallienne

Genre:     Autobiography/Memoirs, History

Curriculum:     Restoration

Original language:      English

Thanks to the contributors:

Henry Toledano Bill Hornick

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