Notes on Symonds’ Life of Michelangelo

A First Edition statement appears in several printings of Symonds’ Life of Michelangelo. One of  two of these printings is the true first, but not enough information is available to determine which one it is.

One possible true first has a 7-line publisher's note stating that the publishers will be pleased to send, upon request, a Modern Library catalogue. It comes in Toledano’s binding style 4 with Dj style 4. The other candidate has a three-line note reading "Turn to the end of this volume for a complete list of titles in the Modern Library." It came as part of the 1928 Christmas gift set with a special keratol binding and pictorial jacket.

(The first edition statement also appears in the early 1929 transitional binding, but this is not the First Edition binding style.)

First copyright page text:     First Modern Library Edition

First binding style:     4 or special Keratol binding

First inverse DJ number:     150

Dates in print:     1928 (October) - 1970

Toledano number:     049.2


Confirmed buckram sighting?            yes

Genre:     Biography

Curriculum:     Victorians

Original language:      English

Thanks to the contributors:

Henry Toledano Barry Neavill John Krygier
John Peterson V. Civiletti

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