Notes on Joyce's Ulysses

Some of the very last copies of Ulysses put together in the early 1970's consist of Modern Library G7 Giants bindings with book blocks made for a Vintage Books printing of the title. (Random House owned both series.) The bindings are identified with the Modern Library logo, but the title page says Vintage Books with the “sun face” logo.

The 1961 edition fixes numerous typos and other errors present in the 1940 edition. The 1970 edition adds the original page numbers from the 1934 Random House 1st American printing as glosses in the margins.

First copyright page text:     First Modern Library Giant Edition (1940)
                                                New Edition (1961)

First binding style:     G4 (1940)
                                     G5 [NOT 6] (1961)

First inverse DJ number:     271 (1940)

Dates in print:     1940 - 1961(original edition)
                              1961 - 1970(?) (new edition)
                              1970(?) - 1975 (1st American printing page annotations)

Toledano number:    G052.1 (original edition)
                                    G052.2 (new edition)
G052.3 (1st American printing page annotations)


Confirmed buckram sighting?            yes

Intro author:     Morris L. Ernst

Genre:     Novel

Original language:      English

Thanks to the contributors:

Henry Toledano Joe Hill John Wolansky
Barry Neavill

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