Quick Guide to Regular Dust Jacket Backs

The back of a dust jacket can help you date it within broad parameters. This is particularly useful when the front or inverse don't provide conclusive information.

This guide describes the major dust jacket backs used in the series 1917-1986. Large numbers of anomalies exist, but those listed here are the common ones seen by most collectors. Style numbers are based on the ones in the Toledano Guide. Dates are generally accurate but examples exist of older dust jacket styles used years after you'd expect.

For Giant DJ backs, see Quick Guide to Giant Dust Jacket Backs 1931-1986.

NOTE: An ISBN number at the bottom indicates a post-1970 printing.

Style a1     1917 - 1918

Style a2 1918

Style b Series 1918 - 1926

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Style c     1925 - 1929

Style c'     1929 on binding 5

Style d     1929 - 1933 (Spring)

Style e     1933 (Fall) - 1935

Style f     1936 (with two reports of Spring 1937)

Style g     1936 - 1944

Style h     1944 to Fall 1954
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Style i    1953 - 1964

Style j     1960 - 1963
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Style k    1963 - 1966

Style l Series  Fall 1965 through Post-1970
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Style m     1966
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Specialized Faulkner Backs    

1963 or so

 1966 + Beyond

Style n "genre" series   1967 - 1970+
("ML" appears on its own line)
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Style o  "genre"  Series 1969 - 1970+ (taller size only)
("ML" has text to its right on the same line)
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Style p   1977 - 1982

Style q   1982 - 1986