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First Things First

  • Getting Started - Background information for the ML collecting newbie
  • History of the Modern Library - A talk given by Henry Toledano, author of the Indispensable Modern Library Price Guide 1917-2000, at the Book Club of California in San Francisco on September 23rd 2002
  • On The Trail of The Torch Bearer: Part I - an interview at BookThink with ModernLib's founder about collecting the Modern Library
  • On The Trail of The Torch Bearer: Part II - an interview at BookThink with Henry Toledano, the Godfather of Modern Library collecting
  • Modern Library FAQ - Basic (and not-so-basic) frequently (and not-so-frequently) asked questions about The Modern Library and Modern Library collecting
  • Join the Modern Library Mailing List - an ongoing e-mail-based discussion group for all Ml-collecting matters
  • Ron Holl's Amenities Website - Focusing on "The Personal Side of Collecting the Modern Library Series," Amenites is dedicated to Modern Library collecting from the prospective of the collector. You really should check it out!
  • Contributing to ModernLib - How you can help your fellow collectors and show your appreciation to ModernLib: a list of ongoing projects to which you can lend a hand
  • Privacy Policy - ModernLib's policy regarding your membership information and reading habits

Next Steps

Recognizing What You Have

And Just For Fun...

  • Six Degrees of the Modern Library - The ML sometimes made recommendations about the next book to buy based on the one the reader was currently reading. What does ML (or at least the boys in Marketing) suggest you read next?